CFHS College and Career Coordinator

Qualifications:  Successful candidate must possess one or more of the following credentials:  Teaching Degree, Administration, Social Work (BSW), (MSSW), (LCSW), or a degree(s) determined to be appropriate by the School District.


Application Process:

An application is considered complete when all of the items listed below are received on or before the closing date.  Only complete applications are eligible for screening.  You will have an opportunity to upload all required documents during the application process.


1.  A letter of application.


2.  Professional resume which includes academic preparation, experience and other specifically related qualifications.


3.  Copies of transcripts for all college or university credits completed to date. (An official transcript will be required if you are successful in securing the position, including those credits you would like to have considered for salary placement.)


4.  Four letters of recommendation (within the past three years), or college placement file if available, current, and complete.


5.  Written Statement - In your own handwriting, please indicate specific reason(s) for wanting this position in Columbia Falls, and the attributes you believe especially qualify you and/or which mark your professional development for this position.


6.  Copy of your current Montana teaching certificate/license, or evidence of ability to secure Montana teaching certification/licensure.  For questions regarding the certification process, please contact the licensure department at the Montana Office of Public Instruction at (406)444-3150 (only applicable to licensed staff.



Job Description


Reports to: Building Principal


Purpose: The College and Career Coordinator position is designed to provide both alternative and action driven academic, mental health and job/career/life skill development options for students with the aim of addressing truancy rates and decreasing to eliminating recidivism rates for high school students in the district. The program includes four components that will function together to provide greater outcomes for students. The components are Career and Technical, Academic Transition, Community Engagement and Restorative Justice.


Position Requirements that will be given priority in filling the College and Career Coordinator position:


Duties Overview:


Services to stakeholders   (including but not limited to the following)

Services to Students:

Services to Parents/Families:

Services to School Personnel:

School–community Liaison Services:

Term of Employment:  187 days as established by the school calendar.

Salary:  To be determined when position is classified. Salary range should be consistent with the salary range for a certified teacher employed by School District #6.

Position Evaluation:  To be determined when position is classified.